About Us.No.It's About You

Your Business Growth Consultants

If you’re looking to discover exactly what is holding you back then talking to us is a good place to start.

Who Are We

Passionate and dedicated business marketing consultants that shape companies growth strategies that deliver solid results.

Our Mission

To find out exactly what your problems and challenges to growing your business really are and deliver end-to-end digital marketing and sales solutions that solve these issues for you.

What We Do

We build targeted marketing funnels that convert leads into clients for your business. We also offer assessments and one-to-one coaching.

Sound Familiar?

John, a small business owner, was on the phone in his stuffy office.

‘You know something, he declared, sounding a little flustered, I don’t have the time or care about Google, Facebook, CPC, PPC, display advertising, landing pages, social media, email marketing, SEO and all that jazz’.

‘All I care about is getting my business in front of potential customers that are interested in my services’.

‘Can you do that?

If you can then I’m in!’

…And that is probably what most business owners want.

They just want to keep doing what they do best and let someone else worry about making all the other stuff happen.

If that sounds like you then welcome to Kanitek, we take the pain away from you and deliver what you actually want and that is a way to grow your business in the most cost effective way possible.

With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience through various different industries you’ll be in good hands to take your business to the next level.

Book a strategy call with us and let’s see if we can help you overcome the challenges that have been holding you and your business back.

Why choose us?

Understanding and shaping your objectives and goals will drive you and your business to the next level.

We build laser focused marketing funnels that have just one goal and that is to bring you the results and growth that you’re looking  for.

We have bills to pay too. Our business model is built on the success of your business. We want you to be successful to keep on working with us. We make sure that happens. It’s a win-win for all.

Years of experience with all the technologies, assets and business marketing strategies needed to build high converting sales funnels ensure that your business grows the way you intend it to.

You need someone with you every step of the way to  propel your business forward and reach the next level. No question is too small and no task is too great.